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25th June 2022 | Christina is a headliner for Mallorca Live Festival, Spain

Moments to remember...
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Inquisitor Squad
Inquisitor Squad
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Nottingham wrote: Mon Jun 27, 2022 12:48 pm
Bitch, please. I usually spend a lot of time here calling out people for incessantly criticising Christina for every breath she takes.

The show was half-assed: she did better for Ladyland, for the LA Pride and her own tours. Period.

I don't care that she's not the only artist doing it; I don't stan artists doing it. As I said, I would be fine even with LIVE PRE-RECORDED VOCALS for some sections.

Acting like having her lipsyncing in front of her own music videos is fine is a whole ass gag, leave this kind of shoddy practice to the Britneys of the world.

I expect better from her, and I don't think her singing more is that much of a stretch?

I've shrugged a lot of things out, but you won't catch me being delusional and fawning at everything she will ever do.
Agreed on highlighted parts. Live pre-recorded vocals (is this the correct term?) are a-okay for me if they're as unnoticeable as possible and she commands the stage and still sings as much as possible. Also agreed about the Spanish lyrics and prompter.

New arrangements, key changes, whatever she needs to do in order to use her voice at her best ability is fine for me. Fighter is kind of whatever for me, she could take a break with it. The Voice Within is very loved and special song and I'm happy she has included it in her setlists again since The X Tour.
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VIP '23
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I think that the way she sings Beautiful is really awkward... I wish for bigger shows and festivals she would stick to the original melody for a change. I think fans would appreciate the connection more and overall it would sound better. That's a highlight of her shows and it was painful to watch as the crowd starts to sing along AFTER SHE TELLS THEM TO and have to abruptly stop because she's singing in her own melody.
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Everlasting Penguin
Everlasting Penguin
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Loud Cock
Loud Cock
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I love queen dont get me wrong I do, but I expected a bit more from this spanish proyect, she had all these years to leasr a few words in spanish, she could at least tried to give the intro of pa mis muchachas at the festival in spanish, it was pre recorded. Just learn a sentence in spanish its not that hard, show that you care
Panting Bitch
Panting Bitch
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DevotionHURTS wrote: Mon Jun 27, 2022 12:24 pm
Cruz2318 wrote: Mon Jun 27, 2022 11:46 am You in danger girl. Words like that is cause for People to say you hate Christina and everything she does. Nobody likes reading logical critiques here….
Do you honestly think that comparing a 50 minute set with whatever Britney is doing nowadays is logic?

Who tf is comparing what X does to what Britney is doing? Cause that sure as hell wasn’t me. Ffs.

Y’all are insane on here. Fuck,
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Inquisitor Squad
Inquisitor Squad
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Enough, see ya on the next European stop